Bulldog Press for Brochures & Marketing Materials

Bulldog Press can help with all your promotional ideas with a comprehensive range of quality design and print solutions for all your brochures and marketing materials. We offer fast turnaround, competitive pricing and a commitment to service excellence.


Printed Marketing Collateral

Finding ways to make your brand stand out from the competition is a challenge for any business. Printed marketing collateral including brochures, catalogues, flyers, posters and banners are a great way to convey important information and make an impact with your target audience. Bulldog Press can help you design and print a range of marketing collateral to ensure that you get a great return on investment when it comes to your print marketing strategy.


Brochure & Catalogues

If you’re looking for ways to present your products and service in the best possible light as well as tell your story to your customers or new prospects, then a brochure or catalogue designed and printed by Bulldog Press could be just what you need. We can work with you to create a brochure or catalogue that helps capture the attention of your targets.


Brochures and catalogues are available in a range of sizes:

  •  DL: available as a single page, four-page or a six-page Tri-Fold brochure.
  • A5: half the size of an A4 and a great way to make a mini-book or pamphlet.
  • A4: the perfect size if you have more information to communicate.


The team at Bulldog Press can advise you on a wide range of printing techniques available. You can also choose from special finishing touches such as varnishing, matt or gloss laminating, foiling, die cuts, landscape or portrait formats for extra effect!

Used to promote a special offer, an event... Short lifespan and designed to generate immediate interest. Good flyer will boost turnover and convey a strong exciting message.

To be effective, flyers need high visual impact with short and succinct wording

A clear call to action

DL, A4, A5 and A6 are some of the common sizes of flyer templates we print every day


Posters & Banners

We can do all sorts of Poster and Banners sizes. Just tell us how big (or small!), and we'll do the rest.

Impressive large format banner printing capabilities = we can print to almost any size on a variety of materials (including plain paper, UV-resistant stock and even canvas). We can also laminate and mount your display materials so they stand the test of time.


Books & Booklets

Booklets are a great way to tell your corporate story but they can be time-consuming to produce without professional help. The team at Bulldog Press can make the whole process easy with our design, printing and binding service. 

Books and booklets can come in all shapes and sizes, with some of the more common including:

  • A5: half the size of an A4 a great way to make a mini-book
  • A4: the perfect size if you have more information to communicate

With the vast range of printing techniques available from Bulldog Press, your books and booklets are sure to be a real standout.



If you’re looking for a print solution that is kind to your marketing budget, then a postcard offers a low-cost flexible option that can be used effectively for a range of promotions from trade shows to direct mail campaigns.



Bulldog Press can help you keep existing and potential customers in the know on a regular basis with our well-designed, branded newsletters that you can pack full of news about your business.  


For eye-catching design and print solutions that put your business ahead of the competition, speak to the team at Bulldog Press today.