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Even with email and other forms of digital communication, old fashioned letters are still used and appreciated. A professional letterhead says much about your company or business that plain unbranded paper can’t.

Here are some of the ways your business can benefit from using letterheads:

  • Keeps you branding consistent through all points of communication.
  • Gives the impression that your business is larger than it might be
  • Conveys confidence to the reader that your business is professional and competent
  • A physical representation of your company, organisation, or business

Letterheads can be created for separate divisions within a company or organisation. This is a great way to make written communication personalised and build relationships. A personalised letterhead rather than a general company letterhead creates interpersonal communication that can make it easier to build trust. People like to deal with people, not with ‘a faceless company’. A personalised letterhead does just that, allows people to easily deal with you and only you.

Small businesses typically work with a small marketing budget, so leveraging every communication opportunity is crucial. Letterhead printing is a great opportunity to get creative. With creative messages like placing coupons or special offers, a simple letterhead can be turned into powerful marketing collateral.

We can assist with Design to create a standout letterhead that fits perfectly with your brand. A letterhead doesn’t just have to be your name, address, and logo. There’s no reason you can’t get creative by including a photo and even a short bio or business description.

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Once your letterhead is ready to print, be sure not to skimp on the stock quality. All your good work can be undone an in instant with cheap flimsy paper! At Bulldog Press, we’ll be happy to advise you on the best paper quality and type for the job you need.

How to contact us for letterhead printing

A printed letterhead complete with your business logo is something your customers will appreciate, especially in our busy world of technology. Here at Bulldog Press, we can help you get the best results with advice on paper stock and print finishes to ensure that your business makes a lasting impression.

Contact us during our business hours 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday, for a free no obligation quote on letterhead printing. We’re your local Brisbane printer, based in Kedron.

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